Sexy Hart (Sexy, #3)

Sexy Hart (Sexy, vol 3)


Kindle Edition, Pages: 292

Genres: Romance

Language: English

Reads: 35

Downloads: 2189

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With her closest girlfriends taking a step into their futures, and her gorgeous boy-BFF, Oliver, seemingly content to settle for the witch-from-hell, Clare feels everyone is growing up without her.
Clare’s hopes to repair the strained friendship with Oliver during their luxury trip to LA to witness the birth of Tilly and Luke’s precious bundle are dashed when jealous girlfriend, Stacy, decides to tag along, ruining any chance of the pair kissing and making up…
…or does it? Could the holiday change their lives and friendship, forever? Will their secret, sporadic, lascivious encounters develop into the romance that Clare so desperately craves? Or will the Universe have other, less ideal plans for her perfect Oliver?

  •    Jular Langenmeyer
    omg...All the dishy men..phew. Daniel Luke and now Oliver.
    This is such a beautiful story emotional Clare and Oliver your romance made me cry and I have never cried reading a story before. Want to read this again. I need to read more of the sexy series. Fantastic Dani :-)
    Can't wait to read book 4 Sexy Love
  •    Tojind Greenwitz
    Asian real amateur threesome

    I heard this was good, but I know the author (we hang out in the same coffee shops!!) so I don't think you should take my review seriously. I guess just read it?

    I stopped hanging out at the same coffee shops; he always beats me to the power outlet and then stays FOREVERRRRR...ARGHHHH RUDE!

    —UPDATE #2–
    okay, seriously, this guy sucks! he spilled coffee all over my notebook and barely apologized; just soaked it up with his shirt and ran out of the coffee shop hella quick—like, ummmm 🤔 this book can’t be good!!

    --UPDATE #3--



    okay, so i told myself i wasn't going to post here anymore, but this author...i mean, he's THE WORST (i mean i actually took the time to capitalize those two words so you KNOW i mean it)!!

    first of all, i'm sorry, man, but just because you're wearing earbuds doesn't mean no one else can hear your music!?! ummm, hello, we're only a table apart, that's like four feet at most, author guy; not the entire continent you seem to believe it is. TURN YOUR MUSIC DOWN!

    also, hasn't anyone ever told you that's TERRIBLE for your eardrums. i mean i know this goes without saying but i'd hate to be his audiologist.

    but wait, there's more! when i tried to give him the universal signal for "hey, buddy, turn that noise down" (you know, where you twist your face into the most annoyed expression ever while simultaneously rolling your eyes and forming your hand into a down arrow and then on a non-stop loop pointing that hand-down-arrow at the floor--you know the one) but he had the nerve to smile at me and wave. ummm, no, author guy, this isn't me attempting to initiate a friendly game of table charades. TURN YOUR MUSIC DOWN! finally, after about two minutes of my gesturing i got his attention again and this time he removed his earbuds.

    "hey," he said all coolly.

    as if he had no idea what this was all about. can you believe that? "hey"--like he doesn't know that he's THE WORST!

    and you know me, i was ready to give him a piece of my mind except here he kept looking at me with that goofy, lopsided grin and those pathetic i'm-a-sensitive-artist-who-just-wants-to-be-loved-please-love-me eyes and well, i'm not a monster, people.

    "hey, cool playlist. we should trade sometime." okay, okay, i have no clue how those words came out of my mouth, but don't worry, i quickly get back on track.

    author guy laughs like he's embarrassed. "actually i have pretty terrible tastes in music but it's nice of you to say. by the way, i'm not playing it too loudly, am i? i'd hate to be THAT GUY."

    i shrug. "hahaha, no way. noooo waayyyy. hahaha. hey, believe me, if you were, i'd tell you hahaha."

    ugh, did i mention he's THE WORST?!?! i didn’t have the heart to tell him this, but i am telling you; there’s NO WAY this book is any good!!


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